This year of English class has been rough. It took me quite a while to get along with the new style of the lessons, but after this phase things have been going well. Unfortunately, many of the topics we looked at have already been covered by other English classes I visited. But still, I tried to be interested as much as I could and be active in class. I think it worked most of the time, because the first lesson on Monday morning was very difficult for me to stay interested. Personally, I mostly improved my speaking skills. Either through speaking in class, or online. Thanks to playing a lot of online games I managed to meet a lot of different people from different locations and the only way to communicate is in English. I also improved my writing skills, since next to talking to them I text with them every day, either in a public chat or in private messages. That helped me a lot to get better in writing and it improved my reaction time. I don’t need as long to respond as I used to. It gets me motivated to keep on learning and improving, so that one day I can speak and text English as natural as Swiss-German. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn many new things during class. I also didn’t really study for the exams to be honest, but I still managed to get good grades, which I’m quite happy about.

My goal for next year is to pass the Cambridge Advanced Certificate, so I don’t have to attend English class anymore and I get an instant 6 in my final exam. I really hope I can achieve that.

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