Context – What is eSport?

eSports is a form of competition using video games. The game-genres most associated to eSports are real-time strategy, fighting, first person shooter (FPS) and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). League of Legend and Dota 2 are perfect examples for MOBA Games, however Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CSGO and Overwatch are the most known Shooters for eSport competitions.

Although organized offline and online competitions have been a part of the gaming community for ages, the more modern eSport Championships take these competition to a whole new, professional level. Today, some games are actually designed just for that purpose.

Around 5 years ago, approximately 71.5 million people worldwide watched eSports. Since online streaming platforms, like for example, got more famous, more people were able to enjoy live eSport events from all around the globe.  The viewers are 85% Male and 15% Female, and they are between age of 18 to 34.


Article Overview – Famous People and brands

The text does handle about famouse people or brands who put money into eSports.

There is Jennifer Lopez who bought into a team franchise fort he new Overwatch League and Gillette who bought the Pro-team tsm from League of Legends.

Other person who were listed also are the Formula One driver Fernando Alonso and the former basketball player Magic Johnson.

The interesting fact was that 10 of the 50 most influential people in the Sports business are from eSports.


There are also famous brands who invested into eSports. As an example, there are prestige car manufacturers like Audi and Mercedes Benz or fasion brands like Jack&Jones who were investing into eSports.

But they didn’t only invested with money, Gillette as an example added one of League of Legends top players, Enrique «xPeke» to ist roaster of sports stars. A list that also includes the BRazilian footballer Neymar. Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, provided branded cars for all the teams!

They all were lured by a lucrative demographic:

«about eight in 10 eSports watchers are men in their mid-20s who have disposable income and generally shun traditional media.»

“If you look at the growth trajectory, the revenue, the viewing numbers, everything is going north,” says Adam Paris, of sports marketing firm H+K Strategies, which advises Gillette. “eSports is growing at a very rapid rate. Yes, it’s finding its feet, but it feels to me that we as an industry have been talking about investing in it for two to three years at trade show panel events, but I feel it’s time to move on from talking about it and make the jump.”


Article Overview – eSports

A good eSports game needs a specific appeal in order to attract mass audiences, says Michele Attisani, co-founder of gaming platform Faceit. “A top eSports game needs to have a fast-moving mix of strategy and gameplay to capture a large competitive community and create enough tension and drama to get a crowd roaring.” Popular games include Dota 2, played with two teams of five, and the multiplayer battle game League of Legends, which is eSports’ biggest game and has 100 million monthly players.

The most successful eSports player of all time is the German-Iranian Kuro Salehi Takhasomi (KuroKy), aged 25, a Dota 2 pro who has earned $3.3m so far in his career.


Closer Look – Olympic Games

Esports is being considered as a medal event for the 2024 Olympics Games.

co-president of Paris bid committee Tony Estanguet plans to speak to the IOC and esports executives about including competitive video gaming as an official sport.

In April, the Olympic Council of Asia announced that eSports will be a medal sport at the 2022 Asian Games in China, the boldest step yet toward mainstream recognition of competitive gaming.


Closer Look – Gilette

Not only will Gillette sponsor the League of Legends IEM Season 11 World Championship in Katowice, Poland Feb. 24-26, but it has also made Origen founder and legendary mid laner Enrique „xPeke“ Cedeño Martínez a global brand ambassador.

xPeke joins the ranks of other sports stars who have represented Gillette, including tennis’s Roger Federer, football’s Lionel Messi and golf’s Tiger Woods.


Closer Look – Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz will partner with the world’s largest esports company, ESL. This new cooperation will include tournament sponsorships across several global markets. The first event that will be sponsored as part of this new partnership will be one of ESL’s flagship events, ESL One Hamburg 2017 – a Dota 2 tournament with a Major status and a prize pool of €1,000,000.

esports is quickly becoming a prime target industry for brand involvement and integration. Mercedes-Benz aims to capture the opportunity of reaching engaged fans.

Ralf Reichert, CEO of ESL: „We are thrilled to partner with Mercedes-Benz as the premiere automotive brand. This partnership represents an important step not only for us but for the whole esports industry – allowing us to explore exciting mobility solutions for the fans and players across the world, growing esports together, and getting it to the next level.



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