I had a lot of hobbies over the time that I’ve been alive, but only one real passion. And that passion is equitation. I’ve been sitting on horses for my whole life. My first horses were called Sorta vom Ponsheimerhof and Padda vom Wiesenhof. Since they both were Icelandic horses, I’m still in love with this breed. I learned almost everything I know about horses because of these two gorgeous girls. Unfortunately, both died when I was twelve. I still miss my two girls. Before they died, my grandma bought another one, which was called Léttir frà Lýsudal, and that horse was actually from Iceland. That poor guy was alone after the two girls passed, so we bought another one. And that one was and still is my best friend and my soulmate. He’s called Sinir von Oed. I’ve never been any happier than on his back.

I’ve been visiting riding lessons since I was about five years old, so for over ten years now. Most of the time I was at the Faxihof, and it’s like my second home. I visited a lot of other stables as well, but only for like a week or something. At one of them, the Niederfeld, I passed my horse riding brevet, orientation Icelandic walking horses exam in 2012.

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