In the last half year, I learned a lot of new things. My last English class wasn’t enjoyable, so I’m even more glad for this class. First of all, I like the lessons. They’re funny and interesting. I liked the movies and series we watched and I liked the feeling of just being in English class. I also learned many new things because of my online friends, which live in many different countries, and we communicate with English. I have friends from Belgium, Sweden, England, and a lot of other locations. As I talk to them I increased my vocabulary a lot. I also got known to lots of “slang” words, which are used in a normal conversation with native English speaker. I didn’t learn that back in vocational school. Also, I talked really much in English, which increased my speaking skills.

I didn’t study much for English class. I had a lot of previous knowledge and it helped me a lot to get through that first semester. All the topics we talked about, I already knew. But that was okay for me because some things faded away with the time. And now, everything is present again.

As I said, I didn’t study much. By that, I actually meant I don’t study at all for English class at the moment. If I’d study, I’d use learning cards to study vocabulary. I’m not a fast learner, I need my time, and with learning cards, I can remember the vocabulary the best. The other things I’d study just as I study for other subjects. I just stare at the paper and write everything down. And the repeat these steps until I can remember everything.

I will definitely increase my learning time if the topics get more difficult. But until then, I’ll just enjoy the fact that I don’t have to study.

For the future, I wish that the lessons will stay that entertaining. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy the English lessons, it was always my favorite subject. And I’m pretty sure it will stay that way.

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