Finally. I looked down the street with a big smile on my face and closed the door of my parent’s apartment behind me. Eliot was waiting for me and waved. “Get your ass down here, it’s cold!”. It’s august and therefore it’s cold in Australia. That’s why we decided us to do a special trip. I hugged him and we sat in the car without any word spoken and drove to the airport in Sydney. For my birthday, Eliot gave me a trip to Germany. A half year after I started dating my girlfriend Vero, I’d finally be able to meet her and I couldn’t thank Eliot enough for that. I gave him tickets for the Gamescom in Cologne as a thank. Good thing that’s the place where Vero lives.

Chapter 1 – Zurich

“Wake up Brad, we’re landing”, Eliot whispered. Even in his quiet voice, you could hear his excitement. But that excitement fainted when an announcement was made. “Because of tumults over the eastern countries, some connection flights probably won’t be within reach anymore. These flights are LX2150 to Palma de Mallorca, EZY7904 to Amsterdam and 4U736 to Cologne. At the Zurich airport, you will get more information about your connection flights. We, the Australian airlines, apologize for the circumstances and hope you will have a nice trip.”

“God damn, that can’t be true”, swore Eliot. I tried to calm him down. “Don’t worry Eliot, we have to wait at the airport, maybe there’s something interesting to check out.” Eliot made an annoyed face and nodded.

We exited the delayed airplane and we found a seat at the Airport with Wifi. I took the benefit and sent my girlfriend a message. She was sad about our delay, but I invited her for a dinner this evening. Only the two of us. Without Eliot.

The hours passed by slowly. Also, I felt the jet lag. Eliot was sleeping like a baby, and I decided to check out the airport because I could sleep of all my excitement.

I walked through the shopping mall and through the different shops. On the other side of the shop I was standing in, I saw a red box with decorated chocolates in it. I could buy Vero a present, I thought and bought this little red box. The young salesgirl wished me a comfortable trip with a crappy, but kind of sweet English. As I turned around the corner of the shop, I ran into a girl and she fell right in front of me.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry! Let me help you.” I said panicking, “I hope you’re all right.” “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” She smiled and pushed a streak of her red hair behind her left ear. I helped her to get up. She thanked me and walked away, but I didn’t feel well by her just walking away. I said: “Wait, how’s your name?” “Lilith…” She said, still smiling. “What about you?” “I’m Bradley,” I said, “Here, take these as an apologize. “I gave her the red boy which was meant for Vero. She was surprised but she took the box and gave me a hug. “Thank you, Bradley”. Then, our ways split and we waved and smiled at each other as we were walking away. I walked back to Eliot, who was still sleeping like a little baby.

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